About STG


What is Steam Turbine Generators, LLC (STG)?
Incorporated in June of 2008, STG is primarily a steam turbine expert having personnel with extensive knowledge and experience with Terry, Elliott and Dresser-Rand steam turbines and steam turbine generators going back to 1965. STG packages steam turbine generators, provides non-OEM replacement turbine parts and rerates, provides refurbished steam turbines and gears, and brokers used equipment in good operating condition.
Why use a steam turbine generator packager and not a turbine OEM when purchasing a genset?

A: Why not an OEM? OEMs have much higher burden rates due to higher overheads. Most OEM devote minimal resources to steam turbine generator packages as only 2% of inquiries result in orders, as opposed to 20% of inquiries for other types of turbomachinery they manufacture. When a turbine OEM quotes a turbine generator package, the package naturally includes their turbine regardless of whether it is the best efficiency or lowest price in the market place. Also, in order to support their higher burden rates they must put a substantial markup on the remaining purchased components.

B: Why a packager? STG has a much lower burden rate due to lower overhead i.e. leased facilities, high percentage of labor is subcontracted. Steam turbine generators are our primary apparatus business, so a major portion of our resources are devoted to it. We have spent major resources to develop selection, pricing and specific proposal generating software allowing us to quote all inquiries, large or small, with a complete T-G package proposal in hours not weeks. Most importantly, STG selects the best fit for each and every component in the package, giving our clients an optimized offering, and due to our lower burden rates we mark up purchased item much less than OEMs.

Why use STG as a source for your turbine replacement parts?
Non OEM parts are available at a much lower price than OEM parts. The problem with non OEM parts is that is almost impossible to determine the reliability of a non OEM part until you experience a failure or require premature replacement. STG has the background knowledge and experience to provide reliable replacement parts at a very reasonable price. When we use the terms knowledge and experience, we mean it in the strictest engineering definition. Materials, fit, finish, function, and operating conditions that may have changed must all be considered when providing a replacement part.
STG does this better than anyone else.
Why use STG for rerates, refurbished turbines and gears, or brokering the sale of your used equipment?
Because we are the most knowledge and experienced. In many cases more so than the equipment OEM.